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Adios. www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=WrbsnErLg4U







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This is not the first time I write about One Direction. Some months ago, I wrote an article about One Direction, the “Larry Stylinson affair”, and rape culture; today, in hindsight and having spent my free time digging deeper and deeper into the sands of this fandom, I’d more or less dramatically change multiple passages of it. I’m not retracting what I said in my early days as a Larry supporter; I still think that it’s a frightening fact that most fans – incidentally the younger ones – would rather and happily have Harry Styles as the blatant rapist and abusive man he is in fanfictions like Dark or After than gay. Nonetheless, now I know I could have spent more words on a couple of key points I overlooked—much to my regret.

I’ve often wondered how I would react if I were famous and people started gossiping about some alleged secret affair between me and my best friend; would I ignore it? Would I play along with it? Would I joke about it? Would I be worried by it, and do my best to deny?

Or would my response be the rant @Louis_Tomlinson had on Twitter, where he harshly replied to a “Larry shipper” that the gay rumors were “biggest load of bullshit he’d ever heard”?


The answer is: not the way @Louis_Tomlinson did. Even when I acted in a homophobic way (I am SO SORRY), never, ever would I have replied like that, let alone now that I couldn’t care less about people’s opinions on my sexuality. Being a celebrity has its perks and its flaws—visibility is both. You are in a position where you literally have thousands, millions of people hanging on your every word, and you can’t, you MUST NOT, ostracise a large part of your fandom. Please keep in mind, when I say this, that I don’t think Louis Tomlinson wrote those words; not when, regardless of my beliefs on his sexual orientations, I never, ever saw him looking – not even slightly – offended by gay rumours in person: a guy that wears t-shirts with the name of a gay beach on it, a guy that is keen to share sexual innuendos with his bandmate(s), a guy that wears t-shirts with rainbow printed on them—that is not a guy likely to be offended by gay rumors or likely to be a homophobe.

That being said, whoever was behind that tweet did a pretty good job at instilling a good amount of blatant homophobia into the fandom and at heavily encouraging cyberbullying—in fact, whoever is behind the way the official narrative and the Larry Stylinson affair are handled even today keeps doing that.

If things where handled differently, now the fandom would be a more enjoyable place. In all the fandoms there are gay couples, fictional or not, being shipped, gay fanfictions being written, and gay fan arts being drawn; yet, this is one of the few fandoms were the level of aggressiveness between the Larry supporters, whom I will not call “shippers” because it is way more than that, and the rest of the fandom is unbearable. And this aggressiveness, this rivalry, is being pushed and pushed and pushed by the official narrative of the band—according to which the friendship between Louis and Harry was irreparably ruined by the gay fantasies of the “Larry shippers.” The environment of subtle homophobia I was raised into is not the exception, it’s the norm, and when the account of Louis Tomlinson called Larry Stylinson a “bunch of bullshit,” when the management of One Direction did no damage control, when they yet encouraged the belief than a supposed homosexuality could ruin a friendship and hurt people, it wasn’t hard to turn that subtle feeling of unease into a wave of burning discrimination. Not when the receivers of this message were and are teenage girls and girls younger than 12 that would do almost up to anything to please and follow their favourites, not when their personality and beliefs are still malleable.

Believe it or not—1DHQ has shaped, sometimes in a significant way, perhaps thousands of homophobes that are ready to bully anyone suggesting that one of the boy might not be straight—apparently, because it “hurts them.” Don’t people see how deeply wrong that is? How is saying that someone might be gay, even when they’re straight, more insulting that saying someone is brunette when they’re, say, in fact blond? What’s the difference, really? How is that hurtful? How is that despicable? In short, what’s wrong in being gay? Why is a LGBT-friendly, rainbow bear scary? A rainbow bear that represented the LGBT community—why was that taken away? What is wrong with representation, what is wrong with equality, what is wrong with queerness?

Because I see what’s going on on Twitter and Tumblr—I see the way queer fans are being attacked, I see the way the project Rainbow Direction – a project aimed to support the LGBTQIA+ community of the fandom – is being criticized. And I think One Direction sees it, too. The band, their management, whoever works for and with them. And they do nothing about it, someone because they can’t, someone because they don’t want to, and you know who is who. They could have the power to do something good—promote equality, for instance, instead of reinforcing the idea that suggesting that someone might be gay, or bi, or pan, is offensive and downright unacceptable—is “forcing a sexuality on someone,” as someone put it, when it is not. At least, not more than stubbornly saying that someone is straight, straight, and nothing but straight. Funny enough, too, that we, as Larry supporters, are often asked to leave Harry and Louis’ sexuality alone and stop “speculating” on it, when the One Direction brand is literally built on the womanizer, over-sexualized public image of one of its members since he was a 17-years-old, underage boy. Almost looks like “sexuality is a private thing fans should not intrude into” is only valid when homosexuality is involved, doesn’t it? It always, always links back to that.

But this is not about Louis and Harry anymore. This is about a fandom where homophobia has reached worrying peaks, where there are people, out there, attacked and called “delusional” on a everyday basis because they either think two people in a boy band are gay and in love, because they are not straight, or both. This is about the fans. I don’t care if you think that Harry and Louis are straight—if you don’t think that this whole situation is wrong and fucked up on too many levels, please think again. Please consider that, even IF Harry and Louis were bothered by gay rumours, we still live on a deeply homophobic society where it’s queer people that are bullied and discriminated every day, not two heterosexual, grown up men that apparently can’t stand being called gay. There would be the possibility to do so much good in this fandom, and yet that possibility is denied because, according to this line of thought, being queer is being wrong, and homosexuality is only okay when far, far away from us. And whether Harry and Louis are straight or not, whether Larry Stylinson is real or not, stop spreading the belief that gay rumours hurt the people involved. They don’t. Homophobia, on the contrary, does.

If “gay” is worse than “abusive”: yet again about One Direction and Larry Stylinson by callmeafangirl, aka me. The missing part is my personal experience with homophobia, and an apology. (via cosenoditi)
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Harry’s lyric tweet (8/19/14)

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No sé si están tipo QUÉ ES LO ESTÁ PASANDO???? porque yo estoy así cada día que pasa, o sea la canción que twitteó Harry es muy interesante en cuanto a la letra, de verdad que estos últimos días ha sido todo arcoiris y es demasiado hermoso todo, ojalá que Modest no lo arruine a fin de año como siempre, saludos chicas :) xx

La letra es super interesante sobre todo la parte en la que dice que está harto de intentar ser otra persona!!!

¡Un beso!

-Bea xx

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Lo siento si ya han respondido esto pero me gustaría saber por qué creéis que el tatuaje nuevo de louis está relacionado con la carta de pocker de harry? es decir, vale, son dos calaveras, pero no por eso significa que tengan alguna relación, entonces quería saber si hay otras razones para creer que esos dos tatuajes están relacionados entre si. (Espero que me haya hecho entender) xx :).

El diseño y colores son iguales. Pero también está en el mismo lugar que el ancla y pasaría sobre ella si juntasen ambos brazos, así que me decanto más porque es complementario con el ancla!!!

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Visiten la pagina de Tatto Snob y busquen "anchor", la quinta foto de la primera pagina es bastante curiosa. Un corazon anatomico atravesado por un ancla con una cuerda


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Sé que no tiene que ver con Larry, pero, vosotras pensáis que 1D podría ser un grupo que con el paso de los años evolucionara y estuvieran juntos durante mucho tiempo como otros grupos como Green Day, por ejemplo?? xx

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¿Crees que sea verdad lo que dijo Simón?

He reblogueado antes un post que te está diciendo que no te creas mierdas de ese tabloide

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Si Louis se hizo el tatuaje estando en Detroit, a la vez que Harry, ¿Creen que él también se haya podido hacer uno? Sería genial otros tatuajes conplementarios, me fascinan xx

Que yo sepa ya es complementario!!! Pero ojalá se hagan más y más

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