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everything about this is embarrassing


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chicas he visto su ultimo Rb, y de verdad todo lo que dice es cierto, y es muy triste porque los chicos tienen mucho potencial y realmente estan hechandolo por el caño, lo de 5sos va a seguir incrementando eso es obvio, ustedes creen que lleguen al mismo level?? que opinan de todo esto?? :/

Al mismo nivel que 1D es imposible de llegar, pero con la ayuda de Modest pueden llegar muy lejos. Al menos así la gente se olvida un poco de 1D y ciertas cosas pueden suceder estando fuera del punto de mira de todo el planeta. De todas formas, siempre voy a estar muy cabreada por no poner Happily de single.

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Crees q 5sos le esta robando fama o aprovechandose de 1D?

No, a ver, 1D está fuera de la competencia de 5SOS ahora mismo porque Modest lo ha querido así. Si hubiesen sacado Happily de single este verano, sabemos todos de quién sería el número uno… pero como no, 5SOS está en mejores puestos que ellos. No se aprovechan ni les roban, simplemente no están compitiendo en los mismos niveles. Y esto es culpa de Modest que ha decidido explotar a su nuevo cliente y no seguir con 1D.

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Van hacer analisis de todo lo que pasa en el wwa tour o si es que louis esta ahora con harry en LA? o lo que pasa con la cancion you&i cuando la cantan, ? o cuando louis dijo que harry sabia a vinagre y sal ? o algo del 2014 ??? es que muchas chicas dicen que larry fue real pero en eeste año termino..y bue eso nada mas BESOS

Sí, está a medias pero cuando lo estaba haciendo una chica publicó uno MUY parecido y me frustré y lo dejé abandonado por eso x)

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¡Hola chicas! Se que no tiene nada que ver con Larry pero tengo una duda, ¿ustedes creen que Sophia y Liam en realidad si son novios o creen que es falso? En serio estaría muy agradecida si me contestan esa duda que tengo, ¡gracias!

Creemos que están juntos y nos encanta la pareja que hacen. xx

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Ustedes hablan español y siempre "apoyan" blogs en ingles. Hay varios blogs sobre H&L en español tambien que hablan sobre su relacion o hacen masterposts y siempre que se les pregunta no saben... no son las UNICAS, superenlo!


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I will never ever understand why Happily wasn't a summer single. Seriously, that one was a no-brainer, it was basically the first thing I thought when I heard it. If I could ask their label anything it would probably what the fuck their thought process is behind their single choices. Is there a thought process? Because from where I'm sitting, it looks about as thoughtful as pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.




Actually, I wonder if they released a terrible single on purpose in order to clear space in the market for 5SOS, since they seem to be hoping they’ll get 1D’s audience.  We’ve speculated that part of the reason 1D isn’t getting any attention is because Modest is pouring it into 5SOS.  Maybe they thought a hit summer single from 1D would impede 5SOS’ ability to have one.

I think we can safely say it’s no longer a speculation but a pretty legit fact. 5SOS are going through the same moves as 1D did when they were trying to break into US market, they are branded as the next big thing, they are marketed as a slightly edgier, more genuine (we play out own instruments!!11) and cooler thing which allows making the transition smoother for the older teenage TA. After all, it’s not cool to like a boy-band when you’re 16, but a ~band~ is a different story. The marketing is not clever, it’s not subtle and that’s precisely why it works. Meanwhile, 1D are written off completely: there’s no way anybody’s gonna risk and draw attention from 5SOS by letting an established brand release a good single. Especially one that might make people go “huh, I guess they are not bubble-gum pop any more, maybe I should check them out”.
I know a lot of people are hoping for a rebranding or better promo for the next 1D record, but imo there will be none of that. By the time their contract with Syco is done, they will lose whatever good rep they’ve managed to acquire in the last 4 years and will quietly go on an indefinite hiatus and take up their own projects. Their individual music styles and preferences are already pretty different, and I can’t really see them try and establish themselves as a legit grown-up music band if their records are all over the place stylistically like MM, for example. That might work in Asia (see G-Dragon’s last album) but that’s not the tradition of Western pop-music, so idk.
And they are clearly not getting any professional help from the people in charge, and while they’ve matured as artists in their own right, they are just not experienced enough to handle the transition on their own.
I kinda went off topic, though, enough of that. Be prepared to hear 5SOS everywhere in the next couple of years, people. After all, Louis did say that 2015 is gonna be the year of 5SOS and I don’t think he meant that as a joke, tbh.


Everything about 1D’s team seems very take-the-money-and-run. I guess they feel no thought is required since they’re still paid ass paid using the patented fuck effort business model. However, if they really tried, they could be twice as paid ass paid. 

#i agree #but i still think they might wanna try and do what they want as a band #without restrictions imposed on them by their management #and I’m not really worried about them not being able to ride on the reputation they got rn #if they have the right team behind them and if they can get out of the extension of their deal #with mm in a near future #they can still attract a different audience with their fourth album #I’m on the mind they have more artistic freedom rn #and they can ride on that until the end off their next tour which is gonna last a few months #and i think its better that 1d fandom is shifting towards 5sos #they will have found their new obsession when certain things come ou t#and they wont be bothered as much and it might make thigs easier #and from business point #it is also good that they will have the audience they aim for #which lessen the artistic pressure they might feel a

I agree, they have more artistic freedom atm, and that’s good, they can write with different artists, they can acquire the necessary experience, but in the end this is industry and this is gonna be about marketing, Personally, I don’t think they’ll be able to get away from their current management before the end of 2015, so I’m writing the 4th album off, although that’s definitely a pity, it might be better than MM. I also agree that the shift from 1D to 5SOS among their current TA is good; basically, they need street cred and no matter how angry saying this makes me, they won’t be taken seriously while the first thing people think of when they hear “One Direction” is “crazy teenage girls”. My main point still stands: I can’t quite imagine them being a musically cohesive single unit when we have Harry’s hipster tendencies, good old pop sound from Niall (McBusted), Liam’s club-ish efforts, who-the-fuck-even-knows-nowadays what Louis is leaning towards, that secretive cagey bastard (I’m saying it with love, so chill everybody), and Zain clearly and consistently moving in R&B direction (I want his solo R&B or desi pop record so fucking much, tbh). I would also imagine by the end of this farce of a contract they are gonna be happy to take a couple steps away from 1D brand. Especially, if we are gonna witness further character assassination for, like, half the band. But that’s just my speculation. We’ll see what the not-so-far future brings.

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I don't want to be the one who'd compare couple photos BUT when you look at the couple photo of Liam and Sophia (or maybe Zayn and Perrie) and compare it to Louis and Eleanor....... I'm just saying body language speaks volumes haha


He has the same facial expression and body language than when he meets fans. In fact:

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cuales son vuestros blogs/tumblrs favoritos dedicados a larry?

Bromanceshmomance, Donnysoldier, Ohthefond, Lapelosa y Stylesforstiles.

-Bea xx

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¿Qué pensáis de los dos últimos tuits que Louis ha marcado como favorito? Parece muy feliz como para que haya habido una ruptura real, y no le veo yendo a ver esa película.

Es que si rompieran no haría esa cutrez lmaooooo

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chicasss si alguien quisiera traducir vuestros posts al inglés lo permitiríais? Hay cosas vuestras que debería leer todo el mundo.

Es que no es necesario porque existen 9849548 blogs dedicados a Larry con miles de cosas y además, si quisiéramos traducirlos (que no) lo haríamos nosotras mismas. De todas formas, creamos este blog para que la gente de habla española pudiese ver a los verdaderos Harry y Louis, la gente de habla inglesa ya tiene otros blogs!!

Gracias de todas formas!

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Por qué piensan que Harry y Louis siguen viviendo juntos? no se bue quiero una explicación lógica para creerlo :'(

La lógica es que siguen juntos.

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